ALA 2021 Workshop

After spending the past month implementing the reviews from the ALA workshop, I finally got accepted!

You can find my work on the ALA2021 website under the Spotlight section.

Presentation and Video

They asked me to come up with some slides and record a presentation. Even tho I wasn’t really into the presentation, I wrote the speech and learned to use OBSstudio (which I’m using with my students too) in order to record a nice video.

Live Q&A

For my final delight, I agreed to take part in a live Q&A presentation which will be on two different days :

Newz finally available!

After much work on my side news are finally available and I will post interesting stuff here.

Stay tuned!

Tutoring Lesson on Twitch

For all my students following my TPD tutoring, we moved to Twitch!

Every Monday 10:00 to 12:00 I’ll be streaming the tutoring answering questions both from the exercises poll and from the chat.