Dr. Nicolo' Brandizzi

Computer Science Engineer

AI Researcher focusing on Reinforcement Learning

and Natural Language Processing

Dr. Nicolo' Brandizzi

Recent Activity


Post Doc.

Post Doc. 03/2024 - Ongoing

Post Doc. at Fraunhofer IAIS, in the NetMedia Department. Working on:

  • Scientific research and development of scalable data pipelines for large language models (LLMs)
  • Development of new methods for improving training data and evaluating the data quality of LLMs
  • Collaboration and coordination with project partners


  • I was contracted by Sapienza as part of the AFORS “Trust your Agent” project
  • Outcomes of the project are available here


RESEARCH SCIENTIST 10/2022 - 04/2023

Research Scientist at Basis Health.

  • I worked in the analysis of wearable data for the purpose of improving personal health.
  • I was responsible for reading and analyzing relevant research papers, and collaborated with team members to develop new approaches and techniques.


TEACHING ASSISTANT 02/2020 - 09/2021
  • Course “Techniche di Programmazione” from 02/2020 to 09/2020.
  • Course “Techniche di Programmazione” from 02/2021 to 09/2021.
  • Course “Seminars in Artificial Intelligence” from 02/2021 to 09/2021.


  • I was hired by Sapienza as part of the MBDA project - Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Assisted Mission Planning (Tecniche di Intelligenza Artificiale per una Pianificazione Assistita della Missione).
  • I authored a technical report on ”Multi-agent Model Based Reinforcement Learning” showcasing my expertise in this field and demonstrating my ability to effectively communicate technical concepts and results.


Doctor of Philosophy

Doctor of Philosophy 2020 - 2024

Ph.D. in Computer Science

  • I succesfully defended my Ph.D. on the 6th of May 2024 (read more here)
  • I was part of the RoCoCo Lab at DIAG. I researched the role of communication in Reinforcement Learning under the supervision of Prof. Luca Iocchi.
  • I was enrolled in the University of Bayreuth as a Visiting Researcher for 6 months (04/2023 - 10/2023) under the supervision of Prof. Daniel Buschek.
  • Completed a 5 months (03/2022 - 08/2022) scientific visiting period at Amsterdam university under the supervision of Prof. Raquel Fernández in the ILLC.

Master's Degree

Master's Degree 2017 - 2020

M.Sc. of Engineering in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Bachelor's Degree

Bachelor's Degree 2014 - 2017

B.S. of Computer and System Engineering with a track in Autonomous Systems

  • Graduated with 101/110 (GPA : 2.97) with my thesis titled “Comparison Between Segmentation Methods” under the supervision of Prof. Fiora Pirri.
  • Completed a 7 months (05/2017 - 01/2018) internship under the supervision of Luigi Freda on the TRADR European Project in the ALCOR Lab.