MultiTTrust Special Issue at Journal of Interaction Studies


Apr 01, 2024

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Exciting News on Our Upcoming Special Issue!

We’re thrilled to announce an upcoming special issue, inspired by the insights from the MultiTTrust workshops, focused on the intriguing dynamics of trust within human-AI teams. This edition aims to delve deep into the complexities of how humans and AI build, measure, and maintain trust across various stages of interaction and team development.

Key Themes Include:

  • The Psychology Behind Human-AI Relations: Understanding the cognitive underpinnings of our interactions with AI and their impact on team collaboration and trust.
  • AI Transparency and Communication: How AI’s openness and its communication strategies influence its perception as a trustworthy entity.
  • Ethics and Bias in AI: Addressing the challenges of bias in AI and the importance of ethical considerations in building trust.

We’re on the lookout for contributions that challenge conventional wisdom, introducing new perspectives and methodologies that could reshape our understanding of human-AI teamwork. This issue is an open invitation to a broad spectrum of researchers and thinkers from various fields to contribute their insights.

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